Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life Book week 2 - Part 1

    In week 2's lesson, Andrea Gomoll uses affirmations and intentions to make cards for yourself.  I decided to make the cards and incorporate into my Life Book Art Journal.  I chose to use quotes on my cards instead of affirmations.    This is the beginning of my cards page.  I gesso'd some Christmas Target Dollar Spot card holder tags and then I painted layer after layer on them with acrylics, spray inks and stencils. Once all of that was dry, I raided my stash and just found a few die cuts and cut outs to add to the front of the card holder.  The cards were also painted with layers and layers, then a scrap paper was glued on and finally, a few "she can" quotes from some gift wrap paper someone gave me. (I would credit the source, but I have no clue who sent it or where they got it.  I'll try and google it to find a link)    

I hope you enjoy this little video of my quote cards.  They were alot of fun to make!  Thank you Andrea for a great Bonus lesson this week!