Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life Book week 2 - Part 1

    In week 2's lesson, Andrea Gomoll uses affirmations and intentions to make cards for yourself.  I decided to make the cards and incorporate into my Life Book Art Journal.  I chose to use quotes on my cards instead of affirmations.    This is the beginning of my cards page.  I gesso'd some Christmas Target Dollar Spot card holder tags and then I painted layer after layer on them with acrylics, spray inks and stencils. Once all of that was dry, I raided my stash and just found a few die cuts and cut outs to add to the front of the card holder.  The cards were also painted with layers and layers, then a scrap paper was glued on and finally, a few "she can" quotes from some gift wrap paper someone gave me. (I would credit the source, but I have no clue who sent it or where they got it.  I'll try and google it to find a link)    

I hope you enjoy this little video of my quote cards.  They were alot of fun to make!  Thank you Andrea for a great Bonus lesson this week!


Life book 2017 Week 1

Life Book 2017 has begun!  This is my first year to participate in Life Book.  It's a 52 week online art course.  I'm excited to see how much I learn and progress this year.  This course utilizes watercolor art, mixed media art, meditation lessons, and you can download each lesson to keep forever!  I chose to do all of my lessons in this Strathmore Watercolor art journal hardbound book.  I love the weight of the watercolor paper, but it only has 48 pages, so I'll have to "tip in" a couple of pages in the back if I need them.  From what I understand though, not every week will have an art lesson to complete, so I'm hoping this book will suffice as it is.

Week 1 Warm up lesson - Tam used stars in her warm up lesson, but I chose circles.  That's what I love about this course and art; you can make it your own.  It's wonderful to have a guide and examples, but I love to customize it and make it my own.

Week 1 Main Lesson Background is called Star Girl. (I'm not very good with faces, but Tam is EXCELLENT as detailing all of the steps to draw a face) 

I'm pretty happy with how she turned out.  I deviated from the lesson just a bit.  Tam had a basket of stars next to the girl, but I chose to use a quote that I liked.  I put it on a Project Life card and glued it into my Life Book Journal. 

Here's a close up of her face.  

If you want to participate in Life Book 2017, please click this link below take you directly to the sign up page.  You won't regret it!

A few of the products used for this course: